Civil Wedding Documentation

Wedding Documentation needed for a Legal Civil Marriage in Santorini

  • Full Birth Certificate
  • Both parties must obtain a 'full' Birth Certificate as the 'shorter' version of the Birth Certificate will not be acceptable. Birth certificates for both with all the information in print and not handwritten. Note that the short form is not acceptable. We need the form that beside the standards, states the following:
    • Parents names, addresses, age at the time of birth
    • Hospital where you were born
    • Doctor's name

All certificates will remain in the Town Hall, therefore if you need them, please make another copy for yourselves.

  • Certificate of non-Impediment to marriage
  • This document certifies that both parties are Single, Legally eligible and free to get married. It can be obtained from their local Superintendent Registrar Office. It may take up to 1 month to obtain and the certificate must not be issued more than 3 months before the wedding day.
  • Decree Absolute
  • If any of the parties is divorced, a Certified Copy of the Decree Absolute must be obtained.
  • Death Certificate
  • If any of the parties is a widower, a Death Certificate must be obtained
  • Deep Poll Certificate
  • If any of the parties has changed his/her name by Deed Poll, written proof must be obtained
  • Adoption Certificate
  • This certificate is necessary if any of the parties was adopted.
Translation of Documents

The easiest way is to scan us the documents and our translator will do them for you here (Including the relevant apostille stamp).
Otherwise all the above documents have to be translated in Greek at the Greek Embassy or Consulate and sent to us four weeks before the wedding. If the documents are not translated then have to be sent eight weeks before the ceremony and there will be an extra cost for the official translation. (See below).

Witnesses at ceremony

Two witnesses are required for all types of weddings. If the groom and bride travel on their own, our Wedding Coordinators will be glad to act as witnesses.

Apostille Stamps

Apostille stamp for all your papers from your Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Secretary of State. All papers must be translated and authenticated by a Greek Embassy.
In case that the Greek embassy or consultant of your area does not do translations and they suggest you an external translator, please make sure to take the translations then back to the Greek embassy or consultant, to stamp them and authenticate them, otherwise the Town Hall does not accept them.
In case you don't have time to do the translations or you find difficulties, you can send us the papers and we will have them translated here with the apostille stamp. The cost is 60€ per page.